Unnakaya or Kayyada is an authentic snack recipe of Malabar area which can be prepared in no time. Only thing you need to take care of is the stage of choosing the right ripen bananas. The filling can be made either by using egg or coconut or even both. Anyways I am not a big fan of coconut filling.. So lets start making Unnakaya or Kayyada with egg filling…


Cooking Time:
20 Min

Deep Pan, Steamer


  • Ripe Bananas – 2
  • Egg-3
  • Sugar -3 tbsp
  • Cardamon Powder – 1 tsp
  • Cashew Nuts – 1/2 cup
  • Raisins – 1/4 cup
  • Ghee – 3 tbsp
  • Oil / Ghee– For frying.

How to Cook!

Step 1

  • Cut the Bananas in to pieces.
  • Cook them in a steamer until done.
  • Smash the steamed bananas and keep it aside.

Step 2

  • In a pan, Add ghee..
  • Fry the cashews and raisins and set apart.
  • In the same ghee,add egg,sugar and cardamom powder.
  • Scrambled the egg for around 5 min until dry.
  • Mix the fried cashews and raisins in to the scrambled egg.

Step 3

  • Make small small balls from the smashed bananas.
  • Brush some ghee over your palm.
  • Take out the balls and press and flatten the balls.
  • Place the filling over it on centre and cover with the smashed bananas from all side.
  • You can either make balls out of it or can keep the edges little sharp as seen in the picture.
  • You can either deep fry in oil or shallow fry in ghee until turns golden brown.

Let me know your review once you enjoy this Recipe in your kitchen