My grandparents love tender coconut I am making this awesome pudding for them.This is a very easy and basic recipe.Try this recipe and serve it to your loved ones.


Cooking Time:
00:00 Min

Equipment 1, Equipment 2, Equipment 3


  • Tender coconut-1 cup
  • Tender coconut water-1 cup
  • Milk-1 cup
  • China grass-10g
  • Sugar-4 tablespoon
  • Milkmaid-1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder-1/4  teaspoon

How to Cook!

  1. Melt China grass using some water and keep it aside.
  2. Take cooking dish add sugar and tender coconut water in to it.Allow it to condense .
  3. Turn off the gas and add warm milk,milkmaid and cardamom powder in to it.Give a good mix.
  4. Then add melted China grass and tender coconut pieces in to it.
  5. Give a good mix and allow it to cool at room temperature. Then refrigerate it.
  6. It’s really tasty .You can also garnish it with grinded roasted dry fruits .It really taste good


Let me know your review once you cook this Recipe in your kitchen