Imagine a day without electricity and guests are at our doorsteps. As per our tradition first, we will think about receiving them with a welcome drink. Yes….!!! Here is a cooling refreshing mojito where we don’t need any juicer or any kitchen appliances. Its all made with our bare hands. Here you go with cool and quick Strawberry Mojito…


Cooking Time:
5 Min

Glass, Masher, Spoon


  1. Strawberry | 6
  2. Lemon | 1
  3. Mint leaves | 5 -6 leaves
  4. Sugar | 1 tbsp
  5. Cuscus seeds | 1/2 tbsp
  6. Cool Soda | 1 can

How !

1. Soak cus cus seeds in water
2. Smash strawberries with a smasher and add sugar.
3. Squeeze lemon and add finely chopped mint leaves.
4.By this time cus cus seeds will be soaked. Add it and combine well.
5. Now pour cool soda and garnish it with a thinly sliced lemon and mint leaves.

Beat the heat with strawberry mojito