Passionfruit really keep us cool during summer.It is rich in vitamin let’s make a cool dessert with it.I am doing a 2 layered panacotta.My first layer will be filled with rich white chocolate, And the second layer with the goodness of passion fruit.


Cooking Time:
00:00 Min

Equipment 1, Equipment 2, Equipment 3


First Layer

  • Heavy cream-1/2 cup
  • White chocolate-1/2 cup
  • Condensed milk-1/4 cup
  • Gelatin-1 teaspoon
  • Warm Water- to soak gelatin

Second Layer

  • Passion fruit -1 cup
  • Sugar-4 tablespoon
  • Gelatin-1 teaspoon
  • Warm water

How to Cook!

Step – 1

  1. Soak gelatin using warm water
  2. Double boil white chocolates to melt.
  3. Add heavy cream and condensed milk in to it.Give a mix
  4. Then add gelatin and pour it in your serving dish and keep it in the fridge to set.

Step – 2

  1. Soak gelatin
  2. Take a pan and add passion fruit and sugar in to it.Cook it for 4 minutes.Turn off the gas
  3. Add gelatin in to it.
  4. Take the dish from fridge and pour it in to it.

Tasty passion fruit panacotta is ready.You can use berries instead of passion fruit.Its really tasty.Try this recipe foodies.