No-Bake Swiss Roll with its fudgy chocolate outer covering and a little bite of coconut in the filling is a perfect dessert which can even be prepared by kids at home. This recipe needs no cooking on fire or an oven, all you need is some basic ingredients and a spatula to mix. This recipe only needs to be refrigerated for a perfect texture.

No-Bake Swiss roll is a super quick and easy recipe. The fudgy chocolate outer covering with the coconut filling inside is a perfect dessert for a celebration and festivals. Always make sure that you use digestive biscuit with mild flavour for the outer layer. Otherwise the biscuit’s taste will stand first which will ruin the entire taste. I always use Marie gold digestive biscuit as it is mild and when combining with chocolate syrup, it won’t stand first. I used home-made chocolate syrup in this recipe. You can check the link below for the chocolate syrup recipe which needs only 3–ingredients to make.

For the coconut filling, if you don’t have desiccated coconut with you, you can take freshly grated coconut instead. You can even make desiccated coconut from freshly grated coconut. You just need to keep on stirring the grated coconut in a fry pan at very low flame until all the water content is gone. But make sure that the colour doesn’t change.

This recipe needs to be refrigerated at least four hours before cutting in to pieces to make the cutting smooth and perfect. For better result, you can even refrigerate this overnight. This recipe can even be prepared in a pudding tray. When preparing in a pudding tray, first and third layer is to be chocolate biscuit layer and in between a coconut filling layer is to made. This can be cut in to any shapes or sizes of your choice.



Cooking Time:
10 Min

Bowl,Rolling board



For Chocolate-Biscuit Layer


  • Digestive Biscuit | 200 gms

  • Cocoa Powder | 2 tbsp

  • Softened Butter | 1 tbsp

  • Chocolate Syrup | ¼ Cup

  • Milk | 2 tbsp


For Coconut Filling


  • Desiccated Coconut | 1 Cup

  • Condensed Milk | ½ Cup


How to Cook!

Step – 1

  • In a bow, add digestive biscuit, cocoa powder, softened butter, chocolate syrup and milk.

  • Mix this nicely until well combined.

  • Make tight dough with your hands and set it aside.

Step – 2

  •  In another bowl, add desiccated coconut and condensed milk.

  • Mix this and keep it aside.

Step – 3

  • Place a butter paper on top of a rolling board and keep the chocolate biscuit dough.

  • Place another butter paper on top and spread it with a roller or press with your fingers. When using a roller, roll gently and not to break the dough while spreading.

  • Take the butter paper placed above the dough and layer the coconut filling evenly. But make sure that you left the edges.

  • Press the filling with a spoon for binding it with the outer layer.

  • Roll this tightly inside slowly to form a roll.

  • Cover this and refrigerate at least four hours.

Step – 4

  • Un-cover the roll and cut out the edges. This you can eat, but don’t serve to others.

  • Cut the roll in to required sizes and share it with your loved ones.


Let me know your review once you prepare this no-fire recipe.

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