Moong Dal Curry is a super quick and easy curry recipe which goes really well with ghee rice, Rotis or any flavored rice of your choice.

Like any Indian, dal is an unavoidable ingredient in our meal. My mother used to prepare a variety of dishes using dal starting from dal curry and ending with snacks stuffed with dal. But I was not a fan of these dal recipes because I found dal very boring. But the only dish I enjoyed in dal recipe is this curry recipe which my mom used to serve with hot ghee rice. 

When I came to know that this curry is that simple and quick, I prepare this almost everyday when running out of ingredients or time. This is a perfect recipe to try out if you are a bachelor.


Cooking Time:
20 Min

Pot, Spoon



For Curry


  • Moong Dal | 1/2 Cup
  • Water | 2 Cups
  • Onion | 1 (Small)
  • Tomato | 1
  • Green Chilly | 2
  • Red Chilly Powder | 1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric Powder | 1/4 tsp
  • Coriander Powder | 1/2 tsp
  • Salt | to taste
  • Coconut Milk | 1 Cup


For Tempering


  • Oil
  • Shallots | 5
  • Curry Leaves 

How to Cook!

Step – 1

  • Wash and drain dal in water 2-3 times.

Step – 2

  • In a pot, boil water and put the washed dal.
  • To this add a chopped onion, tomato and green chilly.
  • To this, add red chilly powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder.
  • Close and cook for 15 minutes at low flame until the water level decreases and dal is cooked.

Step – 3

  • Add required amount of salt and mix well.
  • Add a cup of coconut milk and let it boil.

Step – 4

  • In a pan, add some oil.
  • To this add chopped shallots and curry leaves.
  • Temper this over the dal curry and give a mix.

Let me know your review once you cook this quick and easy Moong dal Recipe in your kitchen