Malabar Dosa or Ari Dosa is a soft and delicate pancakes made from soaked rice which goes well with any kind of curry. And even hot ghee is enough to enjoy this Malabar delicacy…


Cooking Time:
10 Min

Iron Pan, Spoon


·         Raw Rice – 2 Cups

·         Leftover cooked rice – 1 Cup

·         Grated Coconut –  ½ Cup

·         Salt

·         Water

·         Oil

·         Ghee

How to Cook!


  • Soak raw rice in water around 3-4 hours.



  • Grind raw rice, cooked rice, coconut and salt in to a smooth batter.



  • Put the Iron pan on flame and brush some oil.
  • Pour a spoon of batter over it and spread all over.
  • You can spread a little amount of ghee/butter when the dosa is half cooked.
  • Take out when fully cooked.


  • Repeat the process for each You can make around 10-12 dosa with the above measurement.


Let me know your review once you try this Malabar special Recipe in your kitchen