If you want a quick and tummy filling recipe, then try this labaneh roll. Labaneh is made from yoghurt after straining it, a soft cream cheese is obtained after that. It is very popular in the middle east and tastes absolutely delicious. Labaneh is a very healthy spread, it is a  probiotic food and its also very rich in proteins.  It can be served with Arabic bread, white or brown bread, on pita bread and many more choices on how to serve. I made a healthy vegetarian Arabic bread labneh zatar roll. Heres the recipe! Enjoy.


Cooking Time:
10-15 Min

cutting board,bowl,knife


Arabic bread/kubbus  5

Cucumbers  2 thinly sliced

Tomatoes  2 thinly sliced

Mint  few

Labaneh  as needed

Olives  chopped  as needed

Olive oil  1-2 tsp each roll

Zatar   as needed


jalapeno  pepper(optional, I wanted to make it a little spicy ) 2 or 3




First tear open an Arabic bread or kubbus and spread  a luscious amount of labaneh on it

Then arrange the veggies according to your preference. I first laid down the cucumber then the tomatoes then the olives, some mint leaves and chopped jalapeno.

Then pour on the olive oil and sprinkle zaatar and salt on it.

Roll it and serve.


Let me know your review once you try this healthy roll in your kitchen