Kachumbar salad is very tasty side dish for your dum biriyani, ghee rice and Arabic rice. It is basically an Indian salad cuisine made with tomatoes, onions and green chillies. They are superb simple.  I usually add lemon juice in it. You can also add vinegar. People also add some cucumber and coriander leaves. They are really yummy and very healthy. They go too good with dum biryanis. You can also garnish with some fresh pepper powder. We use fresh vegetables to it. One can also enjoy with it ghee rice and chapathis. They are superb healthy .



Cooking Time:
2 Min

Bowl, Spoon, Knife



  • Onion | 1
  • Tomato | 2
  • Green chillies | 2
  • Lemon | 2
  •  Salt | 1 Tsp



How to Cook!

  • Chop onion ,tomato and green chillies into small pieces .
  • Mix all them together in a bowl
  •  Squeeze lemon and add salt
  •  Mix them well and enjoy

Let me know your review once you prepare this Salad Recipe in your kitchen