The best brownie recipe forever.these brownies are so fudgy and kids love this brownie very much.


Cooking Time:

30-35 Min

whisker, big bowl, oven


butter  melted and cooled -1/2cup

vegetable oil – 1tbsp

brown sugar -1/2 cup plus 1tbsp

white sugar -1/2 cup plus 1tbsp

eggs – 2

vanilla extract-2tsp

all-purpose flour -1/2cup

unsweetened cocoa powder-1/2 cup

salt -1/2tsp

chocolate chips or roughly chopped chocolates -3/4cup




Step – 1

  1. preheat the oven 175degree c., line a square   baking tray with baking paper.

Step – 2

  1. in a large bowl combine butter, oil and both sugars.
  2. now add eggs, vanilla and salt, then whisk for about one minute.

Step – 3

  1. add sifted flour and cocoa powder into it.
  2. gently fold half of the chocolates also.

Step – 4

1.pour the batter in to the prepared pan.then smooth the top. generously top with the remaining cholate chunks.

2.bake for 30-35min.enjoy.


Let me know your review once you bake this Recipe in your kitchen