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Oatmeal is one dish that is best for your breakfast. It not only fills your tummy but also keeps you fit and healthy. This recipe that I’m sharing with you is one of my dad’s own, special and simple recipe. My mom and I enjoy having it. So let’s get started with the recipe!!!

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Ottappam or Ottada is a traditional Malabar breakfast dish.As the name suggest itself is a pancake with many holes but the the pan used here is a mud clay pan and no oil at all.They can be served with accompaniment of sweet or savor versions.

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Dry Fruit Pancakes

Dry fruits pancakes are soft, fluffy, full of cinnamon and oats- which greatly enhance the flavor. These are really delicious and healthy. Always fit for your breakfast time. The day I made these, I was craving for these pancakes. So hope you enjoy making these delicious pancakes.!!

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