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The winner of the contest,’Flavours of Ramadan’, Nishana Dawood, a resident of Saudi Arabia, has made a twist upon the classics.Her winning recipe of colourful Yeselapam has attracted many foodies. A steam cooked colourful sweet snack was worth a try.Go ahead and enjoy.

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Macaroni Muffins

The first runner-up of the contest, Flavours of Ramadan, Shinaz Shanib, a resident of United Arab Emirates, has presented a lovely baked snack of Macaroni Muffins.A twist to the normal routine of preparing and serving macaroni dish, these are a wonderful attraction for kids as well as adults. Go ahead and give a try.

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Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

First prize winner of the contest , “2018 start with a Dessert”,Shinaz Shanib, who came up with a home made ice cream with the Dulce de Leche…Thick and luscious, irresistibly tasty to have a try..Scoop it for yourself or serve your guests to get a real wow…

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Hide and Seek Biscuit Pudding

Third prize winner of the contest,”2018 Start with a dessert”, Shoukiya Haroon, who came up with this lovely and wonderful Hide and seek biscuit pudding. Yummy!This pudding has an overall a loads of cream with the crispy crumbled biscuits playing hide and seek.Try it and enjoy it!

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Banoffie Pie

The second prize winner of the contest ,”2018 Start with a dessert”,Suzna Anas, who came up with the Banoffie pie recipe with her twist.. Try this lovely English dessert, rich with cream, bananas, toffeee… Make it a showstopper dessert of your party..

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