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A online recipe collection which will inspire you to cook with detailed ingredient and step by step guidance


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No one is born as chef, all you needed is passion to cook your food. inspire us with your recipes and we will do the same.

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People who eats lot and those who have a very good heart, The only thing to get membership in this community is hunger

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To cook a perfect food you don’t need to follow any rules and measurements, all u needed is passion to expiriment

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There is no love story better than a man’s love for food and my love for food is a story which run out of words



I am a medico. My first and last love is food. I love to eat and cook food and proud to be called as a foodie.

Nazila Mohammed Basheer


Like many other housewives,I am a training chef who teaches myself new recipes for a happy tummy. I also love doing food photography.

Sajidha Shyaab


Cooking was always a great interest to me. I like to bake and try out delicious new recipes.

Shahana Namshid


I am passionate house maker. Cooking is something I inherited from my grandmother and mom.

Shajina Jabir


I am a housewife. Kitchen is my platform for experimenting and yielding a happy tummy.

Sumaya Samir


I am a struggling CA student. I love to cook and experiment new recipes whenever I get free time.

Fazila Basheer


I am a student. One of my hobby and passion is baking . I give out my full percent interest in baking new recipes.

Nida Shamshad


I am someone who is so passionate about cooking than anything else. The secret ingredient of my cooking is love and I believe that anything taste thousand times with it.

Shas Saj


I am passionate about cooking . I believe that we eat with our eyes first,so i give my best effort to present food beautifully and elegantly like a picture

Shahija Jaffer


I am a busy mother of three children. I watch cooking videos and read blogs in my free time. And my favorite hobby is cooking new recipes.

Shameena Shahbas


I am proud mom. I love cooking healthy and delicious food for my hubby and kids.

Sumayya Zavahir


Fruit Trifle

Fruits are always favourite for all…whenever I think of a dessert first I would open my fridge to find out the fruits…There are some mangoes kiwies strawberries…lets start with a mixed trifle

Mushroom Pea Masala

Awsome mushroom pea reciepe for those who love mashroom in their menu. Check out my reciepie and give a try.

American Chopsuey

Why to go to a restaurant and pay huge amount of your pocket money as u can make it whole your own easier and healthier at your home.so let’s start making delicious American chopsuey and fall in love with it

Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi Pakora is a tantalizingly sour yogurt dumplings.if you like pakoras ,then you will love this tangy ,mild spicy curry , is a trick and try to tickle your taste-buds …Rich and creamy..yummmm

Mutton Dry Fry

How about making a healthy meat fry?what!!!!? Can a meat fry be healthier??!!…yes of course, if the meat is a goat meat.goat meat is a very rich source of iron and vitamin b.it burns bad cholesterol from our body.so rush to your kitchen and follow my recipe

Prawns Rice

Among seafoods prawns are my favourite.whenever I get time I experiment on it.Here is my simple and delicious prawns rice recipe .Give it a try